Paris Aligned Asset Owners are a global group of 57 asset owners, with over $3.3 trillion in assets. Consistent with their fiduciary obligations to clients and beneficiaries to avoid financial risk and to maximize long-term value of assets they have made individual commitments to transition their investments to achieve net zero portfolio GHG emissions by 2050, or sooner, drawing on the Net Zero Investment Framework to deliver these commitments. An updated iteration of the Net Zero Framework, known as NZIF 2.0, was published in June 2024.

Read the Paris Aligned Asset Owner Commitment Statement.

On 20 May 2024, the Paris Aligned Asset Owners initiative published its 2023 Progress Report. Signatories to the initiative were asked to report their individual progress towards the initiative’s 10-point commitment statement in a new survey trialled in 2023. 100% of signatories who responded to the survey said they had made progress on achieving real economy emissions reductions through investments in climate solutions and engagement and stewardship with their asset managers. Read the press release.

These commitments are complemented by a number of asset managers who are working with asset owners and their clients on net zero alignment. Many have already made net zero commitments through the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative.

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